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Brentwood High School Manufacturing - Brentwood, PA

What Is Brent Industries?

 Brent Industries is a real-life engineering/manufacturing/entrepreneurship project created by teacher Robert Colligan in 1991 to give students experience in design,manufacturing and business. After Colligan's retirement, the project was taken over by teacher Brian Joyce. Brent Industries is comprised of seniors at Brentwood High School currently involved in the Industrial Materials Course Lab, known as IML.  Students are assigned roles such as Marketing Manager, Financial Officer, Public Relations, Web Development and Personnel Manager. These roles give students an opportunity to draw on their educational experience by taking a concept and bringing it to the marketplace. Each year, students are challenged with not only successfully selling a new product, but coming up with new, innovative ways to market, design, present and operate their corporation.  


How Is It Done?

Senior IML students are selected for specific job titles from Corporation President to Plant Manager. Each student is given a list of detailed responsibilities required of them throughout the entire production run. The team selects a product to sell and begin to strategize about marketing, finance and distribution. A sample product is made and advertised to potential buyers inside and outside the Brentwood community. After all pre-production planning and preparation is done, students begin their production run. Typically 30-70 products are manufactured during the one week production run. After all pre-orders are filled, additional products are sold in the community and on the internet. The price for each product is set so Brent Industries self-sufficiently runs without debt each school year.